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Advocating of behalf of Ontario college students in partnership with student leaders.

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    College Student Alliance

    Who We Are

    We are non-profit, non-partisan organization that believes in working collaboratively with post-secondary education (PSE) stakeholders & government to improve the college experience.
    We are an advocating voice on behalf of Ontario college students in partnership with student leaders.
    We have an elected student Board of Directors and full-time staff who carry out the wants & needs of our membership.

    What We Do

    We advocate for the collective student body, as well as for individual students.
    We are the main contact to government on the opinions of Ontario’s college students.
    We are guided by 5 Pillars: Affordability, Accessibility, Accountability, Transferability & Quality. 

    What We’ve Done

    We hold conferences that are shaped & attended by student leaders on your campus to further their knowledge about PSE in Ontario.
    We develop campaigns to positively affect & involve students on campus.
    We have largely contributed to the improvements of financial aid and OSAP in Ontario.
    We have advocated for tuition freezes & have successfully limited annual increases.

    CSA’s 2017 Pre-Budget submission

    The following submission for the Ontario Budget is a direct result of ongoing discussions within the College Student Alliance (CSA) membership. Our members have created recommendations to the Ministry of Finance, which, if acted upon, have great potential to make every day life easier for students.

    CSA’s Submission to the OSAP Transformation Consultations

    Throughout the summer, CSA has been involved in consultations with the Ministry of Advanced
    Education and Skills Development (MAESD) OSAP reform. Since consultations wrapped in July, CSA
    struck an OSAP working group with members and hosted an OSAP roundtable with student association
    presidents from across Ontario to gather their feedback on the proposed OSAP changes. This document
    advances recommendations from the CSA membership and reaffirms recommendations made
    throughout the consultation process in relation to the issues brought forward by MAESD.

    Improving Transparency and Accountability for Ontario’s Tuition and Ancillary Fees

    College Student Alliance (CSA) has been advocating for improving transparency and accountability in Ontario’s post-secondary system for some time. The importance of tuition and ancillary fee transparency is evident given the scale of resources at stake.

    Strengthening Ontario’s College Funding Model to Maximize Student Outcomes

    In May 2016, the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (TCU) released a document, “College Funding Model Reform Consultation Paper,” aimed at gaining feedback toward the creation of a reformed college funding model (CFM). In recent months, College Student Alliance (CSA) has been working in partnership with TCU to identify issues and opportunities with the CFM. 

    CSA Discussion Document: Ontario’s International Education Strategy

    The College Student Alliance (CSA) has identified international students and Ontario’s internationalization process as a priority area for some time. This is partly in reaction to the growing significance that international students play in Ontario’s college system.

    Strengthening Accessibility For Ontario’s College Student – CSA’s 2016 Pre Budget Submission

    The College Student Alliance (CSA) is a member-driven advocacy organization that proudly advocates on behalf of college students across Ontario.

    CSA seeks to strengthen Ontario’s college system for students in the areas of accessibility, accountability, affordability, quality, and transferability.

    This document advances four targeted recommendations to help enhance Ontario’s college system for students.


    Strong Students, Strong Colleges, Strong Leaders

    We advocate on behalf of Ontario college students in partnership with student leaders.