Student Spotlight: Lauren Barnett

Student Spotlight: Lauren Barnett

March 4th, 2016

Lauren Barnett is a natural leader. From a young age, teachers appointed her leader of group projects and peers came to her for

Lauren Barnett

Lauren Barnett

advice. Barnett embraces her leadership abilities and continues to help others best she can. As a medical radiation technology student at Fanshawe College, she’s determined to make a difference in the lives of others. 

“Being a student leader has helped me to gain a sense of pride and school spirit for Fanshawe College. These leadership experiences have allowed me to make new friends, gain valuable skills, and they have really enhanced my time as a student,” Barnett explained. “Most importantly they have allowed me the chance to create memories that I will cherish for years to come. I believe that all students should get involved to gain new skills, make new friends and improve their school community!” 

Barnett works as a residence advisor (RA) for residence students at Fanshawe, partly due to being inspired by an RA during her own time living in residence. She also works part-time as a peer tutor and volunteers at the Sharing Shop on campus weekly.  

The Sharing Shop is a volunteer-run service to provide fellow students in financial need. “Winning this award is recognition that I am making a difference in the Fanshawe community,” she said.  

When Barnett graduates she hopes to be a leader in improving inter-professional relations between healthcare providers to enhance patient care. Through her proven leadership on campus, she’s well on her way. 

Congratulations, Lauren! 

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